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When your husband is sweating in his sleep the night before a certain job and you comfort him by telling him: It's gonna be OK, everything will be fine, we've got this! You get to the job and everything works out great. When your loading 10.9 metre length Blue Orb Curved Colourbond sheets, the mind can play tricks on you as to how this is all going to work and work well and with safety! Safe to say that the 'smiles and relief' were all-round early this morning after they were lifted onto the roof to begin the actual work... A BIG thank you to Matt our son who is joining our business after Christmas (we can't wait and he is a great roofer and has been trained by the and also Zane our young guy who is brilliant and has so much energy and exuberance for the job! Thanks guys and to all that have been a part of this process, you are a total blessing to Integrity Roofing and we couldn't have done it without us all working together.. 

Well, after a huge day for two reasons below at Noosa Caravan Park, Tewantin:
1. It was 34+ degrees
2. We couldn't start until 9.00am which feels like afternoon tea for
A big thank you and effort to Rick, Matt & Zane for doing this roof in such hot weather conditions. Basically finished in the day other than for Rick & Zane to go back the next day to do some flashings and tidying up. Looked so much better than those horrible metal tiles that came off in a red colour, now all blending in Deep Ocean with the rest of the park at the Noosa Caravan Park, Tewantin.

                                            πŸ”¨βš’πŸŽΌ WHAT A DIFFERENCE A DAY MAKES!! 🎼😲

Who would have thought that you needed to spend 1/2 a day hammering away some previous repairs before you even got to find where the screw line was!!! Someone went crazy with the Styrofoam (thinking they would be insulating it!!!) which was set like concrete!! 😟 The finished product look brilliant!! We slept well last night....πŸŽΌβš’πŸ”¨πŸ˜’πŸ€­πŸ˜² See before and then after photos!! Well done boys, great job!

After a full week, this elderly lady had a face lift and she looked pretty awesome by the time the two legends finished. What a difference it made to the over all house as well. We're pretty sure the owner will be stoked with the outcome - we know the tenant was extremely happy because she had no more water coming inside.....always a bonus for everyone all round! Another job done with excellence....

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